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Stainless Steel Thread Full Lift Safety Valve

COVNA  Full Open Thermal Safety Valve is used for power plant boilers, pressure containers, pressure and temperature reducing devices and other facilities. And service as overpressure protection device.

1.Standard:GB,DIN,ANSI are available.

2.Medium: air,water,or equivalences

3.Main material:Cast steel,carbon steel and stainless steel ect.

  • Model: Safety Relief Valve
  • Size Range: 1/2 - 4 Inch
  • Pressure Range: PN16 - PN260
  • Material: Stainless Steel

COVNA Safety Relief Valve

  • It Can be used in all kind of Gas and Liquid services
  • Suitable for high pressure and temperature services
  • Low cost compares to other types
  • Different types of Safety Relief Valves used in process piping
  • Safety relief valves are classified as conventional type, pilot operated, balanced bellows type, power actuated, and temperature actuated type.

Safety Relief Valves has a combined characteristic of Safety valve & Relief valve. It performs as a safety valve, open by pop-up action when used in a compressible gas system and performs like a relief valve, opens in proportion to the overpressure when used in liquid systems.

Open Type with Lever
Working Pressure
CLASS150 – 1500,PN16 – PN260

safety valve

safety valve

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