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Socket Welded 3 PC Ball Valve with Electric Actuator

Could be equipped with modulating or on-off electric actuator. Available in local / remote control electric actuator with LCD display screen to achieve the goal of industrial automation.

Available in 4-20mA, 0-10V DC or 1-5V DC signal controls. Widely used for irrigation system, wastewater treatment, etc.

This socket welded electric ball valve is a three piece, two way valve that can be installed into whatever position your unique machinery calls for, making it highly versatile as well.

Its NEMA 4/4X weatherproof enclosure works with its anti-static nature to help ensure that it never wears down, while the 304 stainless steel composition provides it an extra layer of strength. Our motorized ball valve features a 20 second 90 degree cycle time.

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  • Model: Welded electric ball valve
  • Size Range: 1/4'' to 4''
  • Pressure Range: 1.0 to 31.5MPa (145 to 4568PSI)
  • Material: WCB, Stainless Steel

2 Way Ball Valve with Electric Actuator

  • ON-OFF Type: The Active Contact Signal, Passive Contact Signal, Resistance, 4-20mA
  • Regulation Type: Input & Output Signal: DC 4-20mA, DC 0-10V, DC 1-5V
  • Multi control methods for your choice: available in manual control, signal control and AC/DC power supply
  • 3-piece ball valve design. Easy to maintenance and repair to extend the lifespan
  • Available in threaded, flanged, tri-clamp, and welding connection
  •  Vast applications like water treatment, HVAC, paper & pulp, power plant, FGD industry, and other applications

solenoid valve parameters

Size Range DN15-200 Body Material Stainless Steel
Core Materal Stainless Steel, WCB End Connection Welded
Working Pressure 1.0 / 2.5 / 4.0 / 6.4 / 31.5 MPa (145 / 362 / 580 / 928 / 4568 PSI) Suitable Media Water, Air, Oil, Gas, etc
Temperature Of Media -10~180℃ (14℉~356℉) Structure Floating ball core
Voltage DC-12V, 24V; AC-24V, 120V, 240V/60Hz; 110V, 220V/50Hz Voltage Tolerance ±10%

electric ball valve dimension

motorized actuator

ON/OFF Type Feedback: the active contact signal, passive contact signal, resistant, 4-20mA
Regulation Type Input & Output signal: DC 4-20mA, DC 0-10V, DC 1-5V
Intelligent Type Input & Output signal: DC 4-20mA, DC 0-10V, DC 1-5V
Field Operation The field, remote control switch regulation and MODBUS, PROFIBUS field bus
Voltage optional AC 110-240V 380V 50/60Hz; DC12V, DC24V, Special voltage can be customized
Protection Class IP65


Model 05 10 16 30 60 125 250 400
Torque Output 50Nm 100Nm 160Nm 300m 16000Nm 2500Nm 2500Nm 4000Nm


● ON/OFF Type Electric Actuator: 90 degree rotation. AC/DC power supply, signal control and manual override. High torque up to 4000Nm.

● Modulating Type Electric Actuator: Adjust open/close angle from 0 to 90 degree. AC/DC power supply, signal control and manual override. High torque up to 4000Nm.

● Intelligent Type Electric Actuator: Adjust open/close angle from 0 to 90 degree. LED display screen to allow you check the open/close angle easier. AC/DC power supply, signal control and manual override. High torque up to 4000Nm.

company certificates company certifications

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  • 20 years manufacturer of actuated valves
  • Mass customaztion acceptable. 3 production base, large stock,
  • Short lead time, same day shipping.
  • German imported manufacturing facilities, 100% Q.C passed before shipping, quality assured.
  • Industrial standard 1 year (12 months) warranty.
  • ISO 9001 certificated, with extra certifications include CE, TUV, RoHS, SGS, BV, explosion & fire safe.
  • OEM / ODM  service available. Can do JIS 5K / 10K, ANSI 150lb / 300lb / 600lb / 900lb standard.

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