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Wind-solar hybrid power supply wireless valve control system

Blog,Valves Study | May.25.2022

This system solution is newly designed by our company. Here are some instructions.


The wind-solar hybrid power supply system is mainly composed of wind turbines, solar photovoltaic cells, controllers, batteries, inverters, AC and DC loads and other parts.

The system is a composite renewable energy power generation system integrating wind energy, solar energy and battery and other energy generation technologies and system intelligent control technologies.

(1) The wind power generation part uses wind turbines to convert wind energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy through the wind turbine, the battery is charged through the controller, and the load is supplied through the inverter.

(2) The photovoltaic power generation part uses the photovoltaic effect of solar panels to convert light energy into electrical energy. Then, the battery is charged, and the DC power is converted into AC power through the inverter to supply power to the load.

(3) The inverter system consists of several inverters, which convert the direct current in the battery into standard AC220v or AC380V alternating current to ensure the normal use of the alternating current load equipment. At the same time, it also has the function of automatic voltage regulation, which can improve the power supply quality of the wind-solar hybrid power generation system.

(4) The control system continuously adjusts the working state of the battery pack according to the changes of sunshine intensity, wind power and load: on the one hand, the adjusted electric energy is directly sent to the DC or AC load. On the other hand, the excess electric energy is sent to the battery pack for storage. When the power generation can not meet the needs of the load, the controller sends the electric energy of the battery to the load to ensure the continuity and stability of the whole system.


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