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Why use a knife gate valve?

Blog,Valves Study | Jun.10.2022

Before explaining why knife gate valves are used. We first explain what is a knife gate valve.

Knife gate valve is a shut-off valve that can be used to control the flow of pipeline media, stop or start. It is mainly used in fluid-based applications and settings, especially those that involve a dense material.


The valve plate of the knife gate valve is like a knife, which can use its sharp edge to cut hard or viscous media. It stops the flow of media without damaging the valve, which is why butterfly or ball valves cannot be used for viscous or hard media.


Like other types of valves, knife gate valves can be made of cast iron, cast steel, and stainless steel. Knife gate valves have hard seal and soft seal. Hard seal is no gasket, the valve plate is in direct contact with the valve body. Such a construction can make the valve plate more susceptible to wear in some cases. Soft seal is made of plastic as gasket, with plastic cushion, the valve plate is not so easy to wear.


Due to their specialty against thick liquids, knife gate valves are highly sought after in industries that deal with viscous materials. These sectors use knife gate valves for shut-off in processing plants or material transfer systems.

This aspect helps cut maintenance costs and ensures that you do not have to deal with sludge or blockage issues in your valves.

Knife gate valves are specifically useful for those applications that deal with a hard-to-clean material. For instance, some materials that regularly utilize knife gate valves include slurry, wastewater, or food items.

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