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COVNA C-05 Series Intelligence Type Electric Actuator

COVNA C-05 intelligence type electric actuator, aluminum alloy body construction with a visual display screen, can directly view the valve angle, more accurate operation. It can be opened by infrared electric shock of wireless remote controller or by PLC remote control system.

Offering intelligent type electric actuator for your easy actuation solution. Multi control methods for your choice.

  • Model: C-05 Regulation Type
  • Size Range: C-05 to C-400
  • Pressure Range: 1.0 to 6.4MPa
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

Features Of Intelligent Type Electric Actuator:

  • Adjustable angle range from 0 to 90 degree
  • LED display screen to allow you check the angle easier
  •  ISO5211 direct mounting for ball and butterfly valve
  • Low failure rate and overloading protection class
Model 05 10 16 30 60 125 250 400
Torque Output 50Nm 100Nm 160Nm 300Nm 600Nm 1250Nm 2500Nm 4000Nm
90°Cycle Time 20s 15s/30s 15s/30s 15s/30s 30s 100s 100s 100s
Angle of Rotation 0-90° 0-90° 0-90° 0-90° 0-90° 0-90° 0-90° 0-90°
Working Current 0.25A 0.48A 0.68A 0.8A 1.2A 2A 2A 2.7A
Starting Current 0.25A 0.48A 0.72A 0.86A 1.38A 2.3A 2.3A 3A
Drive Motor 10W/F 25W/F 30W/F 40W/F 90W/F 100W/F 120W/F 140W/F
Product Weight 3kg 5kg 5.5kg 8kg 8.5kg 15kg 15.5kg 16kg
Voltage Option AC 110V, AC 220V, AC 380V, DC 12V, DC 24V
Input Signal  4-20mADC     1-5VDC     0-10VDC
Output Signal 4-20mADC     1-5VDC     0-10VDC
Tolerance ±0.5%
Return Difference <0.3%
Dead Zone 0.1% to 1.6%
Damping Characteristics 0
Mechnical Repeatability Error 0%
Note 90° Cycle time: travel from closed position to open position or vice versa

Duty cycle for 24VAC will be approximately 20%

Electric actuator

ISO 5211 Mounting Pad

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