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COVNA Single Seat Pneumatic Globe Control Valve

1.It is of low center of gravity, high vibration resistance and easy for installation.

2.They are widely used for automatic production control system in industrials including chemistry, petroleum, light industry, power station, metallurgy

3. COVNA group aims to provide our customers the best quality products with the most competitive pricing, on-time delivery and full warranty service.

  • Model: pneumatic control valve
  • Size Range: 3/4''~8'
  • Pressure Range: PN16~PN100
  • Material: WCB, 304, 316, 316L

Introduction to Pneumatic Control Valves: 

The pneumatic control valve is to use compressed gas as the power source, the cylinder as the actuator, and with the help of a valve positioner, converter, solenoid valve, retaining valve, gas tank, gas filter, and other accessories to drive the valve, realize the switch value or proportional adjustment, receive the control signal of the industrial automation control system to complete the regulation of pipeline medium: flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level, etc Various process parameters. The characteristics of a pneumatic control valve are simple to control, rapid response, and intrinsic safety, no need to take additional explosion-proof measures.

The main advantages of the pneumatic control valve are that the opening and closing speed of the pneumatic control valve is easy to adjust, the structure is simple, and it is easy to maintain. Due to the buffer characteristics of the gas itself during the operation, it is not easy to be damaged due to jamming. It is more reliable than the electric valve in some explosion-proof situations

Pneumatic Control Valve Types:

pneumatic control valve

Pneumatic Control Valve Technical Parameters: 

Type Single-seat, double seat, sleeve Nominal diameter DN20-DN200
Nominal pressure PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN100 Connection Flange, thread, weld (Or other customer specified)
Structure Standard type (-20℃ ~+200℃ ) Material WCB, 304, 316, 316L
Cooling type  (-40~450℃ ) Low-temperature type (-60℃ ~-196℃ )
Packing V type PTFE, flexible graphite Adjustable range 50:1


Sealing surface PN16 convex surface, PN40, PN63, PN100
Basic error Less than full stroke ± 1% (With locator) Less than full
Accessories locator, air filter pressure-relief valve, hand wheel device, limit switch, solenoid valve, lock up valve, and others.
Leakage class Metal seal: Less than 0.01 (ANSI B16.104-1976IV)
Soft seal: Less than 0.00001%


Valve components: Single-seat plunger core type; 304, 316+ SLT core seat with equal percentage, linear, quick-opening low characteristics.

Valve Actuator:  Multi-spring diaphragm actuator in direct action & reverse action. NBR rubber reinforcing polyester fabric diaphragm material. Spring range 20~100KPa, 40~200KPa, 80~240KPa. Supply pressure from 0.4MPa to 0.5MPa

Action type: Air to close FO (With direct action actuator), when the air supply failure, actuator spring open the valve; Air to open FC (With reverse action actuator) When the air supply failure, actuator spring closes the valve. Linear, equal percentage, quick opening

Pneumatic Control Valve Dimensions: 

pneumatic control valvecontrol valve pneumatic

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