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Explosion-proof Intelligence Quarter-Turn Motor Electric Actuator

COVNA quarter-turn electric actuator, aluminum alloy body construction. Adjustable degree from 0-270 degree. Manual override is available. Nominal voltage : 380V. Service environment:high temperature ( -10℃~100℃); Low temperature: ( -40℃~70℃)

  • Model: COVNA-QT
  • Size Range: ZD30 to ZD250
  • Pressure Range: 1.0 to 6.4MPa
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

COVNA Part-Turn Electric Actuator with hand wheel

  • Multi-turn Electric Actuator Torque Range: 0~270°
  • Weatherproof aluminum alloy enclosure
  • Explosion proof, water proof ip68
  • Ambient temperature: high temperature ( -10℃~100℃)
  • Low temperature: ( -40℃~70℃)
  • With Manual override
  • Heavy duty motor with overload protection
  • Power supply: general: single phase 110V, 220V; 3 phase 380V(50Hz),440V
  • More information pls refer to the product PDF(download), thanks

explosion proof electric actuator for 90° rotary valve

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company certifications

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