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COVNA Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

Blog,Valves Study | Sep.09.2020

pneumatic actuated butterfly valve

Pneumatic butterfly valves are currently the most commonly used types of pneumatic valves on the market. There are various valve types such as wafer butterfly valves, flanged butterfly valves, hard-sealed butterfly valves, and soft-sealed butterfly valves.

Why choose a pneumatic operated butterfly valve?

Commonly used types include wafer type and flange type. Wafer-type pneumatic actuator butterfly valves need to use stud bolts to connect the valve between the two pipeline flanges. The flange-type pneumatic actuator butterfly valve itself has flanges, and the two ends of the valve can be directly connected to the pipeline flange with bolts.

butterfly valve

An existing more advanced pneumatic actuated butterfly valve is a triple eccentric metal hard-sealed pneumatic actuated butterfly valve. The valve body and the valve seat are connected components, and the sealing surface of the valve seat is welded with temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloy materials. This kind of  is more resistant to high temperature than ordinary pneumatic operated butterfly valve.

pneumatic butterfly valve

Butterfly valve Wwith pneumatic actuator, as a component used to realize pipeline flow control and on-off, has been widely used in many fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, hydropower and so on.

According to the current pneumatic butterfly valve technology, the sealing form of the butterfly valve has two types: soft seal and hard seal. metallic material. Valves with metal seals generally have a longer life than valves with elastic seals, but it is difficult to achieve a complete seal.

The metal seal can adapt to higher working temperature, while the elastic seal has the defect of being limited by temperature. Generally speaking, due to the limitation of structural characteristics, pneumatic operated butterfly valves are not suitable for high temperature, high pressure and industries that require high corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

If you want to use a pneumatic actuator butterfly valve as a flow control valve, you need to select the size and type of the valve correctly. Generally speaking, the pneumatic butterfly valve is suitable for use as a large-diameter valve.

pneumatic actuator butterfly valve

It has a high frequency of use in industries such as chemical industry and metallurgy.

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