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COVNA Electric Sleeve Control Valve

The electric single-seat ( sleeve ) adjustment valve is small in size and excellent in performance, and is a high-quality base type electric control valve product. It is suitable for production process control systems for general fluid media process conditions. The single seat valve has reliable operating characteristics, small seat leakage, coarse flow characteristics, wide adjustable range, compact structure and smooth flow path. This series of products has good performance and stable operation , and can meet the user’s control needs in a wide range of applications.

  • Model: Electric control valve
  • Size Range: 1'' to 12''
  • Pressure Range: 1.6 to 6.4MPa
  • Material: Stainless Steel, WCB

COVNA Cast Steel Electric Actuator Globe Control Valve Overview:

This product consists of 3810L series electronic electric actuator and a small single-seat ( sleeve ) regulating valve. The actuator has an integrated structure with built-in electronic controller modules, eliminating the need for additional servo amplifiers . It has high precision and is easy to install The characteristics of the sleeve valve are as follows:

  • Adopting balanced valve core, the unbalanced force is small, the pressure difference is allowed to be large, and the operation is stable
  • The large guide surface of the spool improves the oscillation caused by eddy currents and shocks and reduces damage
  • The noise of the ordinary single and double seat valve regulating valve is reduced by about 10dB
  • Simple structure, convenient assembly, and disassembly

technical parameters of valve actuator

Type Electric actuator, intelligent integrated
Usage regulating
Power supply 220VAC ±10 % 50Hz, 380VAC ±10 % 50Hz
Control signal 4-20mA.DC, 1~5V DC
Action to close Input signal increase, valve stem descend, valve close
Action to open Input signal increase, valve stem ascend, valve open
Lag ≤0.8 %FS
Linear type ≤1 %FS
Operating temperature WCB: -40℃~+250℃, -40℃~+450℃

Stainless Steel: -40℃~+250℃, -60℃~+450℃

Intrinsic flow characteristics Straight line, equal percentage(inherent adjustable ratio 50:1)

technical parameters of valve body

Sleeve electric control valve indicators technical parameter
Basic error ±1.0 %
Backlash 1%
Deadzone 1%
Leakage 5*103 valve rated capacity
Rated flow characteristics ±10%
Intrinsic flow characteristics slope±30%
Single-seat electric indicators control valve technical parameter
Basic error ±2.5 %
Backlash 1.5%
Deadzone 3%
Leakage 1*10^(-4) valve rated capacity
Rated flow characteristics ±10%
Intrinsic flow characteristics slope±30%

electric control valve

electric control valve dimension

Types of Electric Control Valves:

electric control valve
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