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COVNA HK60-EX-DF Motorized Flange Butterfly Valve

Electric flanged soft seal butterfly valve design reasonable, unique structure, light weight, open and close quickly is suitable for temperature ≤120℃, nominal Pressure ≤1.6MPa.  Partial rotary electric actuator with advance control system, suitable for butterfly valve, ball valve, plug valve, damper and other valves that make 90 ° rotation. Widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, oil, electricity power, metallurgy, textile, paper making and other water supply and drainage.

  • Model: HK60-EX-DF
  • Size Range: 2''-20''
  • Pressure Range: 1.0~1.6MPa
  • Material: Ductil iron, Stainless Steel, WCB

COVNA HK60-EX-DF Motorized Flange Butterfly Valve


  • Operation torque small, easy operation
  • Mounted in any position, and easy maintenance
  • With the function of small volume
  • Flow capacity, high regulation precision, good sealing, and light weight, etc.
  • The seal parts can be replaced, zero leakage of reliable seal performance
  • The seal material anti-aging, corrosion resistance, long life and other characteristics
  • Run with input(4~20mADC, 0~10VDC or 1-5VDC) signals or single-phase power

solenoid valve parameters

Nominal diameter DN(mm) DN50~DN700
Nominal pressure PN1.0MPa PN1.6MPa
Nominal pressure Strength test PN1.5MPa PN1.6MPa
Seal test PN1.1MPa PN1.76MPa
Main Parts Valve Body Ductile iron、WCB、Stainless Steel
Valve Disc Ductile iron, cast iron, WCB and special materials
Valve Stem WCB,Stainless Steel
0-ring Rubber, PTFE, EPDM
Packing PTFE、flexible graphite
Applicable Operating Condition Applicable medium Water、air、oils,etc
Suitable temperature ≤120°C

HK60-EX-DF motorized valve

solenoid valve dimensions

motorized valve

solenoid valve application

Wafer butterfly valve with explosion proof electric actuator is widely used in food.environmental protection.light industry,petroleum,paper, chemicals.teaching and research equipment.and electric power industries of industrial automation control systems.

As a butterfly valve with electric actuator manufacturer, we provide on/off type, modulating type, intelligent type and explosion-proof type electric actuator with direct mounting for ball and butterfly valve to meet your requirements.

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