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The difference between electric valve and solenoid valve

Blog,Valves Study | Oct.29.2021

Solenoid valves and electric valves have similar functions, which may make it difficult for people who do not know them to distinguish.

Let’s talk about their differences to distinguish them

The structure is different:

The solenoid valve consists of a coil, a valve body, a pilot head, and a rubber pad.

The electric valve consists of electric actuator and valve body.

Generally speaking, the solenoid valve will be smaller compared to the electric valve. For the smaller space, you can give priority to the use of solenoid valve.


Differences in Valve Function:

Solenoid valves open and close faster than electric valves, so they are usually used in applications with frequent switching between open and closed positions, or in applications with low flow rates and low pressure.


With electric valves, you can control the degree to which the valve opens or closes, meaning there are three (or more) states: open, closed, and half-open/half-closed. The half-open position provides some control over the flow rate of the medium in the pipeline. Solenoid valves can’t meet this requirement.


Usually, the solenoid valve has a very small flow coefficient and working pressure difference. Another advantage of solenoid valves is that they can be reset when the power is off while a reset device needs to be installed on the electric valve to achieve such a function.

Different applications:

Motorized valves are generally used in systems that require regulation or intelligent control.

Solenoid valves are generally used in shut off, release, dose, distribute or mix fluids.

In practical scenarios,

Solenoid valve: used for on-off control of liquid and gas pipelines. It is a two-position do control. Generally used for small pipe control.

Electric valve: it is used for analog quantity regulation of the medium flow of liquid, gas, and air system pipeline, and it is AI control. In the control of large valves and air systems, the electric valve can also be used as two-position switch control.

Above is what we share with you about the differences between electric valves and solenoid valves

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