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COVNA 2W Solenoid Valves

Blog,Valves Study | Aug.14.2020

COVNA 2W solenoid valves with three main types: 2w series, 2w21, 2w31

  • They are applied to low pressure system with harder valve body;
  • Import sealing material, zero lekage, low power consumption;
  • Adapt new technology and high frequency of flying lead coil, not getting hot while long time using, low temperature changeing;
  • Open from 0 bar with large flow rate, applied to low pressure system;
  • Normally open and normally closed are available;
    High frequency direct lifting diaphragm construction;
  • Brass or Stainless steel are available;

2W solenoid valve

2w Brass solenoid valve are automatic solenoid valves for gas water, oil. They are easy and safe to operate.

This normally used solenoid valve can be used in many fields, such as, Air, City Gas, Water, Oil, Petroleum, Environemtal Protection, etc and suitable for low head and zero head applications with a coupled diaphragms.

2W21 normally closed stainless steel solenoid valve

2W series of solenoid valves such as 2w21 normally open water solenoid valve, the valve body is forged and formed, and the internal parts are made of stainless steel which is used for the automatic control of liquid and gas medium on-off in the pipeline. Two port, two position, direct acting solenoid valve, power off, open, power on, close the valve body, the material is copper, the maximum withstand pressure, the operating pressure is 17 kgf / cm2, the ambient temperature is 0 ° ℃ ~ 65 ° ℃, the product is produced in series, the volume is small, the flow rate is large

The applicable range is wide according to the flow direction arrow on the valve, and it can be installed at will; in order to enhance the service life, it is better to install the coil horizontally upward

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