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COVNA C-05-Ex Series Explosion-proof Electric Actuator

COVNA C-05-Ex explosion-proof electric actuator, aluminum alloy body construction, light weight, reduce electromagnetic interference, strong corrosion resistance, IP67 / IP68 protection grade, with Manual override . 4-20mA or 0-10VDC regulating control is optional. ISO 5211 direct mounting pad, standard handwheel operation, leverhandle is at the back of the actuator. suitable for 0-270° rotary valve, like ball valve, butterfly valve.

  • Model: C-05-Ex
  • Size Range: C-05 to C-400
  • Pressure Range: 1.0 to 6.4MPa
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

COVNA C-05-Ex Series Explosion-proof Electric Actuator

  • Explosion-proof Grade: EXD ǀ ǀ Bt 4
  • Angle of Rotation: 0-360◦
  • High standard protection: IP67 / IP68
  • The fully enclosed squirrel- cage motor has a small size, a large torque and a small inertia force, with an insulation class F and a built- in thermal protection switch to prevent damages to the motor caused by overheating
  • Beautiful and generous: Aluminium alloy die-casting shell, exquisite and smooth, and can reduce electromagnetic interference.
  • Intelligent CNC: Intelligent control template integrated in the body of electric actuator, digital setting, high precision, one machine mutti-funcitonal
  • Strong function: on-off style, intelligent adjustment, proportional type, all kinds of signal output type.
  • Small backlash: The integrated structure avoids the clearance of key connection and has high transmission accuracy.
  • Easy to use: no refueling, no spot check, waterproof and rust proof, installation at any angle.


ISO 5211 Mounting Pad

Explosion-proof Electric Actuator

Explosion-proof Electric ActuatorExplosion-proof Electric Actuator

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