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Maintenance of the valve

Blog,Valves Study | Feb.10.2023

Valves are not only used in a wide range of industries, but also in different environments, and some valves in harsh working environments are prone to problems. As the valve is important equipment, especially for some large valves, once the problem requires repair or replacement is quite troublesome. So it is especially important to do a good job of daily maintenance and maintenance.

A. Storage and daily inspection of the valve

  1. The valve should be stored in a dry and ventilated room, and both ends of the pathway must be blocked.
  2. Long-term storage of valves should be regularly inspected to remove dirt and rust-proof oil on the processing surface.
  3. After installation should be regularly inspected, the main inspection items.
    1. Seal surface wear.
    2. The wear of the trapezoidal thread of the valve stem and stem nut.
    3. Whether the packing is an obsolete failure, if there is damage should be replaced in a timely manner.
    4. After valve overhaul and assembly, a sealing performance test should be conducted.

The valve grease maintenance work

Before welding and after the commissioning of the valve professional maintenance work for the valve service plays a vital role in the production and operation, correct and orderly, and effective maintenance will protect the valve. So that the valve can function normally and extend the service life of the valve.

When the valve is lubricated, attention needs to be paid to the amount of the problem. If the amount added is less lubricant is not enough, the sealing surface will wear faster due to the lack of lubricant. If too much is added, waste is caused. You need to decide how much lubricant to add according to the valve type, valve sealing capacity, and valve size

Doing these jobs is good for extending the use of the valve

Motorized Valve, Pneumatic Valve

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