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COVNA Эксцентриковый шаровой кран

Eccentric half ball valves are suitable for waste water treatment, paper plant, chemical treatment, oil & gas pipeline, as well as power plants, hydraulic slag removal.

With 90 degree rotation by eccentric shaft, the valve can achieve open and close movement and plays a role in cutting off the media. Eccentric half ball valve can avoid the friction between the seat and spherical cap and because of the adoption of eccentric crank, there is an eccentricity between the center line of the spherical cap and valve runner. When the valve is open, the crank turns at a slight angle. At this moment, the spherical cap will leave the seat and having no more connection; on the contrary, in the close process, only in the close moment can the spherical cap contact with the seat.

  • Модель: Eccentric Half Ball Valve
  • Размерный ряд: DN15~DN100
  • Диапазон давления: PN1.6 2.5 4.0
  • Материал: Cast Steel


Параметры эксцентрикового полушарового крана

technical parameters of valve body

Скорость утечки мягкое уплотнение: нулевая утечка жесткое уплотнение ≤ номинальный расход 10-5
Характеристика потока функция быстрого открытия
Подходящая температура PTFE≤150℃ RTFE≤180℃ PPL≤300℃

Жесткое уплотнение≤450 ℃

Среда вода, газ, пар, масло, коррозионная среда и т. д.


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