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Fluorine Lined PTFE Butterfly Valve

Blog,Valves Study | Aug.07.2020

Anti Corrosive PTFE Butterfly Valve

COVNA HK60-D-C electric fluorine lined butterfly valve is different to the conventional butterfly valve and valve plate lined with teflon so that the media and valve body has isolation, antiseptic effect. The valve has more and more close closure function, sealing.

This wafer type butterfly valve is for chemical industry. Adopt PTFE as the seal and disc which has a powerful ability of anti-corrosion. Disc plate with frame structure, high strength, flow area, flow resistance. The valve with more and more tightly sealed off function, a reliable sealing performance

Applicable to any concentration of acid, alkalisalt and oxidative extrusion, reducing agent, organic solvents and other media.

It could be equipped with on off type actuator, modulating type actuator and intelligent type actuator. Steam lined valve disc ensures lower pressure drop.

electric fluorine valve

Pneumatic and electric devices can be configured according to user requirements to meet the needs of remote control and program control.

PTFE lined butterfly valve

PTFE butterfly valve is widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, medicine and other industrial sectors to adjust or cut off the strong corrosive medium such as acid and alkali in the production process, and has the most obvious effect in the control of water treatment process. It is one of the most ideal choice of anticorrosive valve equipment at present.


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