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YT-1000 Electro Pneumatic Valve Positioner

YT-1000 series Electro-Pneumatic Positioner accurately controls valve stroke in response to an input signal of 4~20mA from the controller. Stroke from 10~150 mm or 0~90°

Type: Single acting or double acting

Operating temperature: -40~120℃

Motion type: Liner or rotary

  • Model: YT-1000
  • Size Range:
  • Pressure Range: 0.14~0.7MPa
  • Material: Aluminum

—Electro-pneumatic Valve Positioner Description

  • It is compatible with most of controllers.
  • Response time is very fast and accurate.
  • Split range 4~12mA or 12~20mA can be set by simple operating.
  • Low air consumption.
  • Simple Direct / Reverse Action change.
  • Simple Zero & Span adjustment.
  • Internal & External options, such as position transmitter (PTM) and/or limit switch (L/S) are available. (Internal options are for non-explosion proof and External options are for explosion proof.)
  • Orifices can be installed even in the field to minimize the hunting occurrence and optimize operating conditions.
  • A/M switch can be used to direct supply air to the actuator or to manually operate the positioner or valve without any signal.
  • It has IP66, Type 4X (FM) ingress protection grade.
  • Epoxy polyester powder coating resists the corrosion process. (except YT-1050).
  • Maintenance of the positioner is easy because of modularized inner structure.
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