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HK59-D-L Double Flange Pneumatic Cement Powder Butterfly Valve

BLF series butterfly valve is COVNA automatic control valves developed specifically for powder/granule material for industrial products. The valve body adopts lightweight high-pressure cast aluminum alloy, the butterfly plate is lined with cored steel wear-resistant polymeric materialand the rubber sealing ring formed of soft sealing make it very suitable for all kinds of powder /particle materials applications, especially forresistance to abrasion of materials. In need of gravity blanking or pneumatic conveying of powder/particle material handling system

  • Model: HK59-D-L
  • Size Range: 4''~14''
  • Pressure Range: 1.0MPa to 1.6MPa
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

COVNA HK59-D-L Aluminum Alloy Pneumatic Actuator Powder Butterfly Valve

BLF butterfly valves are mounted on the hopper, silo, screw conveyor outlet and a pneumatic duct. BLF double flanged butterfly valve with the same 2 flange, and BLF single flange butterfly valve equipped with an extended ring for installation of flexible sleeve. 

According to the application requirements, it can be separately selected drive handle or a cylinder drive kit. Industrial design and special composite materials using BLF, the butterfly valve has the advantages of compact structure, lightweight wear-resistant sealing butterfly plate, long service life, easy installation and maintenance andother characteristics, is a cost-effective high powder valve.

With the industrial design and the use of special composite materials, the pneumatic powder butterfly valve has the characteristics of compact and light structure, wear-resistant valve plate, long sealing life, simple installation and maintenance, and is a powder valve with low cost and high efficiency

technical parameters of valve body

Body Valve components
Body material Aluminum alloy Core material Stainless steel
End conection Wafer, Flange Stem material Stainless steel
Operating pressure 1.0, 1.6MPa Applicable media Water, oil, Gas, Liquid, steam, powder, anti-corrosive base
Structure Midline Structure/ A-type

powder butterfly valve

company certificates

company certifications

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