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Wafer Type Check Valves Features

Blog,Valves Study | Oct.29.2020

1. The use of wafer type check valves

The check valve is installed in the pipeline system, and its main function is to prevent the medium from flowing back. The check valve is an automatic valve that depends on the pressure of the medium to open and close.

Wafer type check valve are suitable for various pipelines:

  • nominal pressure: PN1.0MPa~42.0MPa, Class150~25000
  • nominal diameter: DN15~1200mm, NPS1/2~48,
  • working temperature: -196~540℃

To prevent The medium flows back. By selecting different materials, it can be applied to various media such as water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidizing media and uric acid.


2. The main material of the wafer type check valve

There are carbon steel, low temperature steel, dual phase steel (F51/F55), titanium alloy, aluminum bronze, INCONEL, SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, chromium molybdenum steel, Monel (400/500), 20# Alloy, Hastelloy and other metal materials.

COVNA manufactures:


3. The standards and specifications of the wafer type check valves

  • Design and manufacturing: API594, API6D, JB/T8937
  • Structure length: API594, API6D, DIN3202, JB/T8937
  • Pressure and temperature rating: ANSI B16.34, DIN2401, GB/T9124, HG20604, HG20625, SH3406, JB/T74
  • Test and inspection: API598, JB/T9092
  • Piping flange: JB/T74~90, GB/T9112-9124, HG20592~20635, SH3406, ANSI B 16.5, DIN2543-2548, GB/T13402, API605, ASMEB16.47

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