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COVNA Dual Plate Wafer Type Spring Check Valve

Wafer check valves are available in many sizes, typically from 2” to 24”, support customize bigger size. Body styles include wafer, lug, double flanged and extended body. Wafer check configurations are available in retainer-less style, wafer, extended body wafer and lined. Typical body materials are cast iron, ductile iron, WCB cast steel, 316 stainless steel and other alloys. Common seating materials are EPDM and Viton.

  • Model: Check Valve
  • Size Range: 2" to 24"
  • Pressure Range: 1.6 to 6.4MPa
  • Material: WCB, Stainless Steel

COVNA Dual Plate Wafer Type Check Valve

• Low Pressure Drop (High Cv)
• Light Weight ( Reduces weight by 80–90% compared to conventional Flanged check valves )
• Lower Cost (Light weight, compact profiles and the elimination of flanges allows )
• Alleviates Water Hammer ( Designed to close our valves quickly.
Which assures high performance and eliminating chatter )
• Easier to install, remove and replace in both new and existing piping
• Retainerless Design ( Ideal for critical applications where valve body penetration and the possibility of leakage cannot be tolerated )


COVNA Double Disc Check Valve  Export Destination Worldwide

USAUnited KingdomKuwaitBahrainQatar
Saudi ArabiaGermanyOmanSingaporeMalaysia
FranceIranSouth AfricaTurkeyIndonesia
EcuadorNetherlandsSouth koreaVietnamThailand etc.


Wafer check valve are used in both horizontal and vertical (upward) flow applications. For horizontal flow applications, the shaft should be vertically oriented to the pipeline. For vertical (upward) applications, the shaft should be perpendicular to the piping.


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