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T Port and L Port 3 Way Ball Valves Differences

Blog,Valves Study | Nov.03.2020

1. There is no difference in appearance between T port 3 way ball valves and L port 3 way ball valves, but the structure of the valve core inside the valve body is different.

t port and lport 3 way pneumatic actauted and electric actuator ball valve

2. Three-way ball valve has two types: T type and L type.

  • The T-shape can make three orthogonal pipelines connected with each other and block the third channel, which can split and merge.
  • The L-shape can only connect two orthogonal pipes, and cannot keep the third pipe connected to each other at the same time. It only plays a role of distribution.

3. The common connection method of pneumatic three-way ball valve is flange or internal thread, which can be selected according to the actual working conditions of the pipeline!

4. In the process of use, you should choose different structural forms according to different working conditions. From the technological point of view, T-shaped ball valves can replace L-shaped ball valves. The L-type pneumatic three-way ball valve is used to switch the flow direction of the medium, which can connect two channels that are perpendicular to each other.

5. T-type pneumatic three-way ball valve can not only realize the switching of the medium flow direction, but also make the three channels communicate with each other. At the same time, it can also close any channel to connect the other two channels, and flexibly control the merging or diverging of the medium in the pipeline .


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