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Troubleshooting of motorized valve

Blog,Valves Study | Sep.23.2022

In the process of installing or using electric valves, it is possible that you may encounter some valves that do not work properly. Below we COVNA list the common failures and solutions for you.

  1. Motor does not start
    Possible reason:

    1. Lacking of power supply.
      Solution: Connect the actuator to power supply.
    2. Electric wire broken, wiring terminals loose.
      Solution: Repair the wire, tighten wiring terminals.
    3. Supply voltage is wrong or below level.
      Solution: Check the voltage is correct or wrong.
    4. Overheat protector activated(ambient temperature is too high, the valve is stuck).
      Solution: Reduce ambient temperature, manually open/close the valve to see if it is working.
    5. Limit switch disfunction.
      Solution: Replace the limit switch.
    6. Capacitance doesn’t start or run.
      Solution: Replace the capacitance.
    7. The motor does not start.
  2. Opening & closing Indicator light doesn’t light
    Possible reason:

    1. The indicator light is broken.
      Solution: Replace the indicator light.
    2. Limit switch disfunction.
      Solution: Replace the limit switch.
    3. Adjusting of block disfunction.
      Solution: Readjustment.
  3. Opening degree change constantly.
    Possible reason:

    1. Signal source has interference signal.
      Solution: Check input signal.
    2. Voltage divider generated interference.
      Solution: Replace the potentiometer.
    3. Voltage divider gear or opening gear loose.
      Solution: Tightening up the screws of gear.


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