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Troubleshooting of pneumatic valve

Blog | Oct.14.2022

When installing or using pneumatic valves, you may encounter some problems. Here we, COVNA, bring you the solutions to the common failures of pneumatic valves.

  1. Pneumatic Valve Can Not Move
    Possible reason:

    1. The electromagnetic valve is normal, Coil is bumed, electromagnetic valve ls stuck being stolen.
      Solution: Solenoid valve replacement, Replacement coils, remove stolen Property.
    2. A separate air supply pneumatic Actuator test check seals and Whether the cylinderis damaged.
      Solution: Replace a bad ring and cylinder.
    3. There are impurities in the spool Valve stuck.
      Solution: Remove impurities, replace Damaged parts.
    4. The handle in a manual hand motor location.
      Solution: Interchange.
  2. Slow Motion, Crawling
    Possible reason:

    1. Supply pressure is not enough.
      Solution: The increase of gas supply pressure(0 4-0.7mpa).
    2. Pneumatic actuator output torque is Too small.
      Solution: Increase the pneumatic actuator Production.
    3. The valve spool or valve assembly too tight.
      Solution: Re-assembly adjustments.
    4. Air supply pipe plug, flow is too small.
      Solution: Exclude plug, replace the filter cartridge.
  3. Reply Devices Without Signal.
    Possible reason:

    1. Power line short circuit or open circuit.
      Solution: Maintenance of power lines.
    2. Reply within the cam position is not accurate.
      Solution: Adjust the cam to the correct location.
    3. Micro switch damaged.
      Solution: Replacement micro switch.


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