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New products CT6 and BT6 explosion-proof actuators

Blog,Company News | Mar.04.2022

Explosion-proof instructions

Electric actuators, as electrical devices, are a potential source of detonation.
Explosion-proof actuators, by design, avoid high temperatures and sparks during operation.
Should an explosion occur inside the actuator, the housing is capable of preventing internal sparks and explosions from coming into contact with the outside. And the housing is strong enough not to be damaged by an explosion. Thus, the function of explosion-proof is achieved.

Product Description

HK55-EX BT6 series explosion-proof electric actuators are a new generation of products developed with the latest technology from abroad with unique design and new style.

It has the characteristics of high intelligence, high protection performance, small volume, high integration, long service life and stable performance. With remote control, suitable for control of 0°~270° rotary valves and other similar products. Such as butterfly valve, ball valve, air valve Baffle valve, stopcock valve, louver valve and other equipment suitable for 0°~270° rotation. It can meet the requirements of industrial automation control management.

It is driven by a 380V/220V/110V AC power supply and is controlled by a 4~20Ma current signal or a 0~10V DC voltage signal. The valve can be moved to the desired position to achieve its automatic control, maximum output torque up to 3000N.M. Widely used in petroleum and chemical industry Industrial, Gold, Water Treatment, Shipping, Paper, Power Plant, Printing and Dyeing, Food Processing, Pharmaceutical and Building Automation Systems and many other industries.

HK55-EXBT6 Explosion-proof Electric Actuator

HK66-EX-CT6 Explosion-proof Electric Actuator


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