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Multi-turn Electric Actuator Control Valve Manufacturers

Blog,Company News,Valves Study | Nov.13.2020

multi turn electric actuator manufacturer

COVNA, as a professional Multi-turn Electric Actuator manufacturer over 20 year, we aim to provide the customer the first class quality valve product, automated valve control solution and service.

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Product Description:

Multi-turn electric actuator valves, collectively known as z series actuators, are driving equipment for valves to achieve opening, closing, adjustment and control. This series of actuators have the characteristics of full-featured reliable performance, advanced control system, small size, light weight, convenient use and maintenance.

Z series actuators are suitable for valves with linear movements, such as gate valves, globe valves, diaphragvalves, plunger valves, shut-off valves, water gates, etc, which can be used for bright stem valves and dark stervalves. The valve can be controlled remotely, collectively and automatically. It is widely used in electric powermetallurgy , petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, sewage treatment, agricultural irrigation and other industries.

Product Categories:

Divided by control method : ordinary type, intelligent switch type, intelligent adjustment type ( Profibusfieldbus , ModbusFieldbus , Hart fieldbus, FF fieldbus, Device Net fieldbus);

Divided by protection type : outdoor and explosion-proof

Divided by connection method : torque type and thrust type

Main Specificions:

  • Input signal: 4mA~20mA; Passive contact
  • Power supply:

conventional: three phase: AC380V(50Hz)

Special: three phase: AC660V, AC440V, AC415V(50Hz, 60Hz)

Simplex: AC220V, AC110V(50Hz, 60Hz)

  • Basic error limit: ≤1%
  • IP65, IP68
  • Explosion proof grade: Exdii CT4, Exdii CT6
  • Ambient temperature: -30℃~+70℃( optional: -40℃~100℃)
  • Environmental humidity: ≤95℃
  • Motor working system: Standard long term motor, F-class insulation.

z series multi turn electric actuator

multi turn electric actuator for gate valve Q series multi turn actuator for globe valve

Large stock multi turn electric actuator, after strict test and check will be delivered to our customer from COVNA multi turn electric actuator manufacture

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