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Electric Actuator Wafer Type Aluminum Alloy Butterfly Valves

Blog,Valves Study | Jun.13.2020

Aluminum alloy butterfly valve means that the body material is made of Aluminum Alloy

The characteristics of aluminum alloy butterfly valve can withstand high temperature, and the applicable pressure range is also high. The nominal diameter of the valve is large. The valve body is made of carbon steel. The sealing ring of the valve plate uses an aluminum alloy ring instead of a rubber ring. It is suitable for HVAC and central air conditioning Complete sets of equipment, widely used in: water, gas, oil, chemical industry, smelting, energy, shipbuilding, electricity, petroleum, water treatment, construction and other industries


Product features:

1. Using advanced pinless connection technology, the structure is sturdy and compact, the butterfly board has (up, down, left and right) automatic centering function.

  2. The integration of the valve body and the valve neck aluminum alloy has a strong effect of preventing condensation. The ultra-lightweight aluminum pressure butterfly valve made of special materials and advanced die-casting technology can effectively prevent condensation, ash and electrical corrosion.

  3. The sealing surface of the valve seat flange adopts large wide side:, large round orphan seal, which makes the valve adapt to the requirements of sleeve type and welded flange connection. It is applicable to any standard flange connection requirements, making the installation sealing easier and easier.

  4. The principle of anti-condensation butterfly valve: Due to the use of high-performance top disc material, it can effectively prevent the temperature difference of the valve body, isolate the transmission of the medium in the pipeline, and achieve no condensation on the surface of the actuator and the connecting flange. High-performance materials have many excellent advantages: such as low water absorption, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation and insulation performance, etc., which are 4 times that of ordinary material butterfly valves.

  5. A variety of drive devices (handle, turbine, pneumatic, electric actuator) can be configured. The anti-condensation technology can protect the drive device and extend the service life of the drive device.

  6. Equipped with DH-D and other series electric actuators, AC220V or AC380V power supply can control the operation. No additional servo amplifier is needed, input (4-20mADC or 1-5ADC) signal and realize the adjustment of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level and other parameters.


Nominal diameter: DN25-600 (mm)
Nominal pressure: 1.0-1.6MPa
Connection flange: JB/T74-90GB9113.1-9113.26
Connection method: clip, flange
Valve body material: aluminum alloy
Valve plate material: nylon 11 plate, stainless steel
Valve seat: NBR, EPDM
Protection grade of electric actuator: IP67 (optional IP68)
Valve design conforms to: JB/T8527 GB121238
Test and inspection: GB/T13927

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