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COVNA Pneumatic Valve Equipment Code

Blog,Valves Study | May.16.2020

pneumatic valve code

1.Feature Code: The characteristic code of our company is HK

2.Special Demand Code: 

K=Anti-sulphur Type, D=Low-temperature Type, B=Heat-insulating Jacketed Type, L=Lengthened Stem Type, Y=Special Type for Oxygen, W=Sanitary Type, V=V Type Ball

3. Valve Type code:

Z=Gate Valve, J=Stop Valve=Ball Valve, D=Butterfly Valve, G=Diaphragm Valve, X=Cock Valve

4. Codes for Pneumatic Manners:

6=Pneumatic, 6S=Pneumatic-Manual, 6K=Pneumatic-Normal Open, 6B=Pneumatic-Normal Close

5. Connecting Manner Code:

1=inside Thread Connection, 2=Outside Thread Connection, 4=Flanged Connection, 6=Welding, 7=Wafer Connection, 8=Buckle Connection.

6. Structure Form Code:

Gate Valve: 1=Wedge Single Flashboard, 2=Wedge Double Flashboard Elastic Flashboard, 3-Paralleled Single Flashboard, 4=Paralleled Double Flashboard

Stop Vale: 1=Floating Straight-through Type, 4=Angle Type, 5=Straight-flow 

Ball Valve: 1=Floating Straight-through Type, 4=Floating Type L-shaped Three-way, 5=Floating Type T-shaped Three-way, 7=Fixed Typed Straight-through Type, 8= Typed T-shaped Three-way, 9=Fixed Type L-shaped Three-way, 0=Hemisphere through

Butterfly valve: 1=Center-line Straight-plate Typed, 3=3-D Eccentric Type 3-D

Diaphragm valve: 1=Ridge Typed, 3=Stop Valve

Cock Valve: 3=Staight-through Type, 4=T-shaped Three-way Type, 5=Four-way Type

7. Codes for Sealing Surface Material or Lining Material:

F=Polytetrafluoroethylene, P=Para-Position polyphenylene, N=nylon=Rubber, NBR Buna-N Rubber -12~82, H=Alloy Steel, Y=Hard Alloy, J=Rubber-lined, F4=polytetrafluoroethylene-lined.

8. Pressure Grade Code:

The expression for the decuple(KGF/cm’)of nominal pressure Mpa of GB Standard includes 6.0, 10,16,25,40,64,100.

9、 Body Material Code

C=WCB: P=CFB(304)00Cr18Ni10, (321)1Cr18N9Ti, PL=CF3(304L)O0Cr18Ni10, R=CFBM(316)OCrNi1202, RL=CF3M(316L)00Cr17Ni14Mo2;=WC6, 1Cr5Mo, F=LCB, N=LCS3, =PVC, RPP (No detalied particularization for the corresponding forge materials)

Note: For carbon cast steel valve body of PN2.5MPa and over Class 150 in pressure grade, thes code is omitted

Example 1: HKQ641F-16P-DN50 Representing full-bord floating stainless steel ball valve connected by pneumatic flange with a nominal pressure of 1.6MPa and adiameter of DN50mm.

Example 2: HKD6S73H-150-4″ Representing wafer-type metal sealed tri-eccentricity simple steel butterfly valve with a pressure grade at class 150 and and a diameter

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