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Covna Hope School Donation Campaign 2023

Blog,Company News | Dec.08.2023

We have organised the same donation activities in 2016, 2018, 2019 and 2021, and now on 30th November 2023, Covina set off again to donate all kinds of learning and living materials to the children and schools in need.

After an 8-hour drive, we arrived at our destination at around 9:00am and immediately set up the site to prepare all kinds of materials, waiting with excitement for the children we hadn’t seen for a long time. The children were very excited and happy to hear that we were coming.

After a short welcoming ceremony by the school teacher, Mr. Hong, the initiator of this charity walk, said excitedly: the road of love is not lonely, the whole group of partners have invested in it, and there are more forces behind the support. We firmly believe that every piece of love will bring warmth, confidence and emotion to the children, and turn into a great strength for them to realise their dreams in the future.

This activity donated water purifiers, electric meat grinders, induction cookers and other appliances to the school; teaching supplies, sports equipment, school uniforms, schoolbags, shoes and socks and other daily necessities, and also gave special gifts to all teaching staff.

After the donation activity, we played interactive games with the children, and at the same time, we specially arranged an interesting English interactive class to let the children understand the charm of English.

In addition, our love team went deep into the mountainous countryside to visit the families of especially poor children and provide financial help to these children. Bringing them a touch of warmth and care can inspire their confidence in life and rekindle their hope for the future.

In just half a day’s time together and interaction, the children’s innocent smiles and eager anticipation made everyone involved in the activity feel the powerful force of love and hope, and made us more convinced of the significance of the love activity.


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