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Water Pressure Regulator with oil filled pressure gauge

COVNA Brass Water Pressure Reducing Valve with gauge is marked with water inlet direction, can withstand pressure of 1.6MPa. Applicable to hydraulic instability, water flow too fast, water purifier, solar energy, gas heater, faucet, etc. The Brass regulator come with Inlet screened filter helps to filter particles like gravel, debris to prevent impurity blocking and valve body damage. Durable pressure gauge to make the pressure information more clear.

  • Model: Relief Valve
  • Size Range: 1/2" to 2"
  • Pressure Range: 0-160 Psi
  • Material: Brass, Stainless steel

COVNA Brass Water Pressure Reducing Valve With Gauge Features:

  • Do not require a minium operating pressure
  • Zero leakge rating, all coils are ce approved
  • Wide range of coil voltages, low temperature of operating
Model RV
Seat Material Brass
Thread Material Brass
Pipe Thread G / NPT 
Working Medium Water, non-corrosive liquid


Size 3/4″
Body Material Brass
Gauge 160 PSI
Adjust Pressure Range 0-160PSI
Working Temperature -20℃≤80℃

reducing valve8

reducing valve

reducing valve

reducing valve


reducing valve


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