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Soft Seal PTFE Fluorine Lined Flange Electric Actuator Butterfly Valve

The anti-corrosion fluorine lined butterfly valve adopts a two-piece valve body combination. When the valve seat and the valve body lining are integrated, only the all plastic valve seat and the plastic butterfly plate and the media joint product can withstand any medium corrosion except for the “molten alkali metal and element fluorine”. The inner surface of the valve body channel is smooth. The flow resistance is small, CV value is high, the flow capacity is strong, the support moment is moderate, and the elastic cushion seat with four-stage sI rubber is completely medium

  • Model: HK60-D-CF
  • Size Range: 2'' to 16''
  • Pressure Range: 1.0MPa~1.6MPa
  • Material: Cast Iron

COVNA Anti-corrosive Fluorine Lined Motorized Control Valve

  • Torque range is 50Nm(442 in-lb) to 2500Nm(22123 in-lb).
  • It could be equipped with on off type actuator, modulating type actuator and intelligent type actuator
  • Easy automation/Retrofit possible/Safe operation
  • Steam lined valve disc ensures lower pressure drop
  • Size range from 2 inch to 16 inch, size ia available to customtechnical parameters of valve body
Valve Body Valve components
Nominal size DN50-DN400 Sealing material PTFE
Body Material Cast Iron,WCB,304,316 Disc Material PTFE
End Connection wafer, flange, lug wafer Feature Acid and alkali resistant
Operating Pressure PN1.0MPa, PN1.6MPa Applicable media Water, Air, Gas, Oil, Liquid
Structure Midline structure/A-Type Design standard ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, 3A

dimension of flanged electric butterfly valve

technical parameters of valve actuator

ON/OFF Type Feedback: the active contact signal, passive contact signal, resistance, 4-20mA
Regulation Type Input & Output signal: DC 4-20mA, DC 0-10V, DC 1-5V
Field operation The Field, Remote Control Switch Regulation and MODBUS, PROFIBUS Field Bus
Voltage Optional AC110-240V 380V 50/60HZ: DC12V, DC24V, Special Voltage Can be Customized
Protection Class IP65, Explosion Proof Construction Are Available: EX ll BT4
Torque Range
50Nm to 2500Nm


Model 05 10 16 30 60 125 250 400
Torque Output 50Nm 100Nm 160Nm 300Nm 600Nm 1250Nm 2500Nm 4000Nm

motorized actuator

● ON/OFF Type Electric Actuator: 90 degree rotation. AC/DC power supply, signal control and manual override. High torque up to 4000Nm.

● Modulating Type Electric Actuator: Adjust open/close angle from 0 to 90 degree. AC/DC power supply, signal control and manual override. High torque up to 4000Nm.

● Intelligent Type Electric Actuator: Adjust open/close angle from 0 to 90 degree. LED display screen to allow you check the open/close angle easier. AC/DC power supply, signal control and manual override. High torque up to 4000Nm.

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