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COVNA Automatic Valve-CEO’s Speech at NYD – 2020

Company News | Jan.07.2020

covna valve 2020“Thanks for your use or future use of COVNA automatic valve and your attention to COVNA.

COVNA was founded in 2000 as the Guangdong Pattern Works & Foundry, COVNA has been leading the way in fluid control solutions and automatic valves which are mainly electric/motorized valves, pneumatic/air operated valves and solenoid valves in China for more than a decade.

Other valves, such as, gate valve, check valve, globe valve, manual valve, safety valve, irrigation valve, high pressure reducing/relief valve, pneumatic control valve, drain valve, angle seat valve, diaphragm valve, needle valve, filter valve which are widely used in many different industrial fields or home application.

Since the founding of the company, COVNA automatic valves have always been receiving high broad recognition from global customers with the complete network system, outstanding product quality, and integrated customer solutions.

There is no best but better. Your demand and satisfaction are always our eternal pursuit. We sincerely are looking forward to the opportunity to discuss and meet your specific needs. Let us know how we can be of help to you!”




Warmest & Sincerely Regards,
Bond Hong | CEO of COVNA Automatic Valve

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