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COVNA HK59-D-KITZ Aluminum Alloy Wafer Air Operated Butterfly Valve

KITZ pneumatic alluminum allioy butterfly valve in comparison to other ordinary valves, has structural advantages such as simple construction, compact and light weight, and being piping work friendly, as well as various functional advantages, such as suitability for automated operation by open/close with 90 degrees action and excellent fluid controllability, so that it is adopted in vast fields.

  • Model: HK59-D-KITZ
  • Size Range: 1.5''~8''
  • Pressure Range: 1.0MPa to 1.6MPa
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

Air Operated Cast Aluminum Alloy Kitz Type Butterfly Valve

  • Compact structure, long service life, good sealing performance, easy maintenance, quick detachable and installation
  • Auto-reset thermostatic protection in the motor
  • Open/close limit switch with cams adjustable along the whole stroke
  • Auxiliary limit switches with cams adjustable along the whole stroke
  • Safety adjustable mechanical limit switches
  • Locking of supply cables by means of cable presses
  • Stable performance, Widely used in various industries for both on-off and regulating service
  • Can be equipped with positioner, limit switch, hand wheel, solenoid valve etc.

technical parameters of valve actuator

Double acting Air to open, air to close, air supplier failure to keep the current position
Single acting N/C Air to open, interrupt air to close, air failure to close
Single acting N/O Air to close, interrupt air to open, air failure to open
Optional accessory Reversing solenoid valve, limit switch box, air filter reducing valve, positioner, handle manual, lock up valve.

high pressure pneumatic actuator

technical parameters of valve body

Body Valve components
Size range DN40~DN200 Sealing material PTFE, PPL, NBR
Body material Aluminum alloy Core material Stainless steel
End conection Wafer, Flange Stem material Stainless steel
Operating pressure 1.0, 1.6MPa Applicable media Water, oil, Gas, Liquid, steam, powder, anti-corrosive base
Structure Midline Structure

kitz pneumatic valve

valve dimension

Accessories of Pneumatic Valve (1)

company certificates

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