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Flange Connection Plastic PVC UPVC PVDF Diaphragm Valve

It is a rugged industrial product ideal for throttling or use in abrasive slurry lines. The raising position indicator also functions as an adjustable travel stop. This feature can be used to avoid over-compression of the EPDM or PTFE diaphragm, or as a travel limiter allowing different settings for the “closed” position. The molded flanged body eliminates potentially leaky joints while featuring end-to-end dimensions identical to most plastic lined metal diaphragm valves, allowing for direct replacement.

IPEX diaphragm valves are operated manually, electrically, or pneumatically.

  • Model: Diaphragm Valve
  • Size Range: 1/2''~12''
  • Pressure Range: PN10
  • Material: PVC, PVDF, UPVC

General Introduction:

The PVDF diaphragm valve is suitable for the transmission of corrosion medium and the regulation of the flow and interception. The overflow components are assembled by RPP or PVDF injection parts. It has excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight is a good replacement of stainless steel valves in some cases. The sealing diaphragm of the PVDF diaphragm valve uses F46 or PFA, which can fold more than 1200 times. The screw lifting structure made the opening and closing moment is large and stable.

technical parameters of valve body

Body materials UPVC, CPVC, PVDF, FRPP, PPH
Dimensions DN15~DN300, 1/2”~12”
Pressure rates PN10
Connections Flange, Tri-clamp
Seal materials EPDM, FPM, PTFE-coated+F46
Seal materials 0~10Bar

Flange Connection PVC UPVC Diaphragm ValveFlange Connection PVC UPVC PVDF Diaphragm Valve Diaphragm ValveCPVC Diaphragm ValveFlange Connection PVC UPVC PVDF Diaphragm Valve

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