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Direct Lifiting Diaphragm Stainless Steel or Brass Vacuum Solenoid Valve

Vacuum solenoid valve is a special valve installed on mechanical vacuum pump. The valve and the pump are connected to the same power supply, and the opening and stopping of the pump directly control the opening and closing of the valve. When the pump stops working or the power supply is suddenly interrupted, the valve can automatically seal the vacuum system, and fill the air into the pump chamber through the air inlet of the pump, so as to avoid the pump oil backflow polluting the vacuum system. The working medium of vacuum solenoid valve is air and non corrosive gas

  • Model: HK21
  • Size Range: 1/4'' to 1''
  • Pressure Range: 0-1.0 MPa (10 bar)
  • Material: Brass, Stainless steel

COVNA HK21 2/2 Way NPT Thread Solenoid Valve

HK21 vacuum normally open water solenoid valve, the valve body is forged and formed, and the internal parts are made of stainless steel, which is used for the automatic control of liquid and gas medium on-off in the pipeline. Two port, two position, direct acting solenoid valve, power off, open, power on, close the valve body, the material is copper, the product is produced in series, the volume is small, the flow rate is large, the applicable range is wide according to the flow direction arrow on the valve.

solenoid valve parameters

Port Size 1/4”~1” Orifice(mm) 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50
Port Thread BSPP, BSPT, NPT, FLANGE Function Normally closed or opened
Pressure 0-1.0 MPa (10 bar) Voltage DC-12V, 24V; AC-24V, 120V, 240V/60Hz; 110V, 220V/50Hz
Temperature of media -10~100℃ (14℉ to 212℉) Suitable Media Water, gas, oil, etc
Material Brass, Stainless Steel Sealing Material NBR, VITON, PTFE, EPDM
Coil S51B,30VA(AC),24W(DC),IP65,100%ED 
Coil SD01B,28VA(AC),36W(DC),IP65,100%ED

The vacuum solenoid valve is the valve that must be installed at the suction port of the mechanical vacuum pump. Its function is to fill the air into the vacuum pump to relieve the pressure when the mechanical vacuum pump stops. Ensure that the mechanical vacuum pump oil will not enter the vacuum system due to the pressure difference.

Installation mode of vacuum solenoid valve: power connection and vacuum pump motor start and stop at the same time. Since the vacuum solenoid valve is of 220V voltage, in the installation, as long as a live wire is led out of the mechanical vacuum pump motor, then a zero wire is led out under the main power supply.

Precautions for use of vacuum solenoid valve: during installation, check whether the installation direction is correct and whether the wiring is synchronous with the mechanical vacuum pump.

2W21 12v solenoid valve

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