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COVNA HK61-H Air Conditioning Electric Ball Valve

Quick install mininature motorized ball valve is specially used for on-off control of HVAC water control system, valve is composed by two parts, electric actuator and valve body. Easy to remove trouble shooting and maintenance valve. Actuator with synchronous electric drive, action stable, built-in limit contact point, so that the valve will power off when fully open or fully close, the valve body is brass forged Valve using alarge motor, large torque force, to achieve the valve positive inversion.

  • Model: HK61-H
  • Size Range: 1/2" to 1"
  • Pressure Range: 0~1.6MPa
  • Material: Stainless Steel or brass

COVNA Brass Mini Electric Actuated Ball Valve

  • Brass for corrosion resistance, ductility at high temperatures, and low magnetic permeability.
  • Two Way female threaded ends for connecting to three male threaded ends.
  • Will fully open or close valve in 5~15 seconds, once in position, it automatically stops using energy.
  • Save energy, reduces likelihood of overheating, long service life.
  • Good sealing performance. IP67 protection class
  • Leakage: Zero leakage, Return difference: ±2.5%

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