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Valvola a saracinesca del bordo del coltello dell'attuatore lineare del cilindro pneumatico degli ss 316

COVNA HK59-D-DS Pneumatic knife gate valve is one of the important products of production process control valve. The switch control can be completed by using the solenoid valve and the regulating control can also be completed by using the electric valve positioner. Users can choose according to the actual needs. The main body is made of cast steel, stainless steel, etc. It is especially suitable for paper industry, chemical industry, coal, sewage, sugar industry, etc

  • Modello: HK59-D-DS
  • Gamma di dimensioni: 2''~80''
  • Intervallo di pressione: Da 1,0 MPa a 2,5 MPa
  • Materiale:Acciaio inossidabile 316 o 304

COVNA HK59-D-D S SS304 or 316 Industrial Flange Knife Gate Valve

Note: Hard seal only

1. Pneumatic knife gate valve is made into two forms of concealed pole and exposed pole according to different caliber (concealed pole, exposed pole). The full round DC channel is designed to be free of slag and jamming. The bottom end of the knife plate is processed into a blade shape, which has the cutting function for soft materials such as fiber, pulp and wood pulp, and has the good opening and closing function at the same time.

2. A hard polytetrafluoroethylene mud scraper is installed on the upper end of the knife plate, which can prevent dust, grit and other abrading substances from entering the stuffing box, and can significantly improve the life of the knife plate. The valve plate is made of stainless steel and polished to obtain the best sealing effect. Compact design, small occupation space, light weight, low price, easy to install, perfect wear-resistant and anti blocking measures, easy to maintain, easy to use and long life, and optional drive device.

3. The valve body and packing culvert of pneumatic knife gate valve are all precision casting, wherein the valve body is flange type integral casting, and the material can be 304, 316, 316L, WCB and 2Crl3 according to the user’s needs. The sealing ring is made of PTFE reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene, which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant and slag free.

technical parameters of valve actuator

Double acting Air to open, air to close, air supplier failure to keep the current position
Single acting N/C Air to open, interrupt air to close, air failure to close
Single acting N/O Air to close, interrupt air to open, air failure to open
Optional accessory Reversing solenoid valve, limit switch box, air filter reducing valve, positioner, handle manual, lock up valve.


technical parameters of valve body

Body Componenti della valvola
Size range DN50~DN2000 Materiale di tenuta PTFE, PPL
Body material Stainless steel Core material Stainless steel
End conection Wafer, Flange Stem material Stainless steel
Operating pressure Da 1,0 MPa a 2,5 MPa Supporti applicabili Water, oil, Gas, Liquid, steam, powder, anti-corrosive base
Struttura Midline Structure

knife gate valve

Accessories of Pneumatic Valve (1)

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