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Water Pump Usage and Classification

Industry News | Mar.19.2021
  • Pump’s Definition

A pump is a machine that pumps energy liquid. It is a machine that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the potential energy of the pumped liquid. Driven by the power machinery, it can pump liquid from a low place to a high place or far to serve production.

The pump can pump water, oil, acid-base solution, liquid metal, paper pulp, mud, etc. The pump used for pumping water is called a water pump.

Water pumps are used for agricultural irrigation and drainage, improving the ability of agriculture to resist natural disasters, increasing production, ensuring income, and providing material conditions for the realization of mechanization and water conservancy in agriculture.

  • Classification and Model

There are many types of pumps, divided by the way of energy conversion, usually divided into two types: Rotor Pumps and Rotorless Pumps.

The rotor pump uses high-speed rotating or reciprocating rotors to convert the mechanical energy of the power machine into energy for lifting or pressing fluids, such as vane pumps, positive displacement pumps, and vortex pumps;

The rotorless pump uses working fluid to convert working energy into the energy to lift or press the fluid, such as water hammer pump, jet pump, internal combustion pump, air pump, etc.

However, vane pumps are the most used in agricultural irrigation and drainage work.

  • Widely used water pump types

agriculture pump


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