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Troubleshooting of Solenoid valve

Blog,Valves Study | Oct.28.2022

When installing or using the solenoid valve, you may encounter some problems. Below we at COVNA bring you common faults and solutions for low solenoid valves.

  1. Valve fails to operate
    Possible reason and solutions:

    1. Check electrical supply with volt meter. Voltage must agree with nameplate rating.
    2. Check coil with ohmmeter for shorted1or opened coil.
    3. Make sure that pressure complies with nameplate rating.
  2. The valve is sluggish or inoperative-electrical supply and pressure check out
    Possible reason and solutions:

    1. Disassemble valve, clean out extraneous matter. The plunger must be free to move without binding.
    2. If a diaphragm design, check the diaphragm for tears and/or clogged or obstructed bleed hole or pilot orifice Torn diaphragm must be replaced.
    3. Check all springs. If broken, replace.
  3. External leakage at sleeve flange or joint between body and cover.
    Possible reason and solutions:

    1. Check that the sleeve and lor cover screws are torqued to specifications. If leakage persists replacement of diaphragm assembly or flange O-ring may be required and/or bodies or covers with damaged sealing surfaces may have to be replaced.
  4. External leakage at speed control device
    Possible reason and solutions:

    1. Check O-rings for damage and replace if necessary.
  5. Internal leakage
    Possible reason and solutions:

    1. Disassemble valve, remove extraneous matter, and clean parts in a mild soap and water solution.
    2. Examine diaphragm sealing surface for dirt. Remove all foreign particles. Examine orifice for nicks. Damaged parts must be repaired or replaced.
    3. Check plunger return Spring. Replace if broken.
  6. Chatter or buzz sound when energized
    Possible reason and solutions:

    1. Remove power from the coil.
    2. Inspect the plunger and sleeve for excessive wear or contamination


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