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The 15th COVNA Environmental Protection Industrial Salon Conference of 2021

Seminar | Oct.27.2021

COVNA 15th Environmental Protection Salon and Environmental Engineering Technology Summit concluded successfully.

On October 23, it was supported by the School of Environmental Science and Energy, the South China University of Technology, Guangzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association, Shenzhen Evergrande Xingye Environmental Protection Co., Ltd., Guangdong Qihua Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.; Guangzhou Nengmiao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Small Hosted by Zhong Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Hengli Ventilator Co., Ltd., and Leo Group Zhejiang Pump Industry Co., Ltd.; Kevina Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. hosted the 15th Greater Bay Area Environmental Protection Engineering Salon and 2021 Environmental Protection Industry Summit in Guangzhou, Guangdong The Grand Opening of Keer Haiyatt Hotel in Panyu District.

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A united effort | the industry gathers together:

The guests invited to the salon include the Water Treatment and Reuse Professional Committee Member of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, the deputy director of the Guangdong Environmental Risk and Emergency Treatment Engineering Technology Research Center, Ma Yongwen, a well-known professor in the School of Environmental Science and Energy, South China University of Technology, and Guangzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association Executive Vice President Huang Jianbin, Shenzhen Evergrande Xingye Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Wang Jun, Deputy General Manager Wang Yanhong, Guangdong Qihua Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Marketing Center General Manager, and General Political Commissar Zeng Qinglian, and leaders of environmental protection enterprises from all over the country, More than 300 engineers and staff.

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Science and technology empower ecology, and work together to build a better future for the “Belt and Road”

At the beginning of the meeting, Professor Ma Yongwen delivered a speech, responding to the call of the country, and working together to create a better future for the “Belt and Road”. I hope this exchange meeting can bring new inspiration to everyone. I also extend a warm welcome to the guests and students participating in the event, and wish the event a success.


Business Discussion ● Point-to-point

First of all, representatives from every company and associations warmly express and discuss opinions, representatives of the organizers were invited to showcase their corporate brands, products and technologies, share successful cases, and release the latest corporate projects and plans to seek upstream and downstream partners. Everyone expressed their opinions and rushed to speak, pushing the meeting to the climax.


COVNA President Shares “Small Business, Big Dream”

As the organizer of COVNA Industrial Automation Co., Ltd., Mrs Hong was invited to give a keynote speech on “Small Business, Big Dream”. Through the analysis of the development history of COVNA’s enterprise, it is expected to break through the following three aspects: first, continuous research and development , continuous product innovation; second, to enhance brand marketing capabilities; third, talent development strategy, the host Hong shares the layout of COVNA in the next five years, at the same time, the host Hong expresses that COVNA always adheres to the cooperation of “intergrowth, symbiosis, and regeneration” Philosophy, unite with environmental protection business partners to build an informatization ecosystem of mutual consultation and win-win, and brand going overseas.


2021 Environmental Protection Industry Technology Summit Forum

Next, at the Environmental Protection Industry Summit in 2021, experts and guests discussed in-depth environmental industry technology and the future development trend of the market. In a highly competitive market environment, the environmental protection industry needs to integrate resources from all parties, strengthen brand cohesion, and help each other mutual assistance, break through the existing marketing methods, and seek the path of sustainable development of the enterprise.


Resource project docking ● face to face

After the discussion, enter the product display stage, environmental protection equipment, water treatment, automation system, chemical industry and other environmental protection special fields, provide environmental protection new products and technical support for the urgent industrial environmental pollution, and comprehensively interpret the ecological environment innovation technology and hot topics The best solution for the application field.


Delicious dinner, wonderful performance

During the banquet, the talent performances such as dance and sitcoms made the guests unsatisfied, and a series of lottery activities provided by the gift sponsors, especially the birth of the ultimate prize of 1,000 yuan in cash, brought the salon event to a climax!

The 13th Salon

The 12th Salon

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