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The 5th Donation Activities to Yalong Hope Primary School

Company News | Nov.15.2021

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Since 2015, we have held four Hope School donation activities, and we will set off again this year to deliver supplies to these children.

This campaign was initiated by the COVNA Group and many socially responsible companies are involved in donating in different ways. To make the lives of these children better. It is these caring companies that allow us to help more children.

Charity is not something for one person or one team. It requires the efforts of many of us, helping each other so that we can help more people.

For this activity, we will continue to purchase various materials, including school supplies and daily necessities. We will also interact with the children and get to know them better.

This year, we cannot go to these children because of COVID-19. We couldn’t go, but we bought items and sent them there. Once again, I would like to thank some companies for their help to these children.


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