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COVNA for 2024

Blog,Company News | Feb.10.2024

The 10th day of the first lunar month in the year of the Jiachen, which is February 19th, 2024, marks the official end of our Chinese New Year holiday and the resumption of our work. In China, New Year’s Day is not considered the start of a new year; it is only after the New Year’s Eve that the new year is truly recognized.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to outline COVNA’s key priorities for 2024.

1. Increased Production Scale

Due to the increasing demand from our customers, our current production lines are unable to meet the growing production needs. Therefore, we are continuing to expand our production lines at our branch in Zhejiang. We plan to add production lines for electric and pneumatic valves. Once completed, we welcome all our valued customers to visit.

2. Establishment of More COVNA Branches in China

We have already established branches in Anhui, Ningbo, and Zhejiang. This year, we plan to set up new branches in Shanghai and Xinjiang. In the future, we will also establish branches in major countries worldwide to provide service support to local customers.

3. Exhibitions

In 2023, we participated in the Shanghai Environmental Protection Exhibition. In 2024, we will be present at the same exhibition again. We will also be participating in an exhibition in Russia towards the end of the year.

These are the key priorities for COVNA in the coming year. COVNA is becoming stronger and more powerful.


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