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The 4th Donation Activities to Yalong Hope Primary School

Company News | Dec.23.2019



After previous charity donation activities in 2016 and 2018, in November 2019, COVNA team came to Yalong own, Hechi city, Guangxi Province, to hold the 3rd time charity donation activities for COVNA Hope Primary School.


Sponsored by COVNA group initiated, a number of enterprises with a sense of social responsibility participate in the donation of money and materials in different ways to help the children in the poor mountain areas through the winter. It is the kind-hearted and benevolent deeds of these caring enterprises that have made our supportive force stronger and our poverty alleviation activities more effective.


COVNA Hope Primary School (3)


We bought teaching materials, school uniforms, school bags, television sets, stationery and other materials, a total of 86 students have been donated. These materials are undoubtedly the best gift to the children of the mountain area, but also the love and concern for the development of COVNA’s hope for the development of primary education.


COVNA Hope Primary School (3)


During the exchange, COVNA’s general manager – Mr. Bond encouraged the students to carry forward the fighting spirit of self-reliance. He hoped that they could face up to the difficulties in their lives, work hard and live an active life, and be able to repay society and their parents in the future.

“I will study hard, listen to my mother and teachers, take good care of myself, and go to college in the future!”, said by an aided student.


Crying girl


Charity should never be a matter of one person or one group. It needs us to work together and help each other. It is hoped that this activity of donating money to schools will lead more people and gather broader social support to help the education cause develop better, and also appeal to more caring people from all classes to pay attention to and care for children from poor families, help the children finish their studies smoothly and grow up healthily. We also hope that the students who have received the financial assistance will build up their confidence, overcome temporary difficulties, cherish their youth, study hard and repay the society with outstanding achievements.


COVNA Hope Primary School (3)



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